Conception with Donated Eggs – Information for Recipients

There are many reasons that couples seek donated eggs to become pregnant. Ovarian failure, genetic disorders, or declining egg reserve due to age are all problems that are more common than many people realize. The Center for Assisted Reproduction combines state-of-the-art fertility technology combined with compassionate and friendly care to help its patients achieve their dream of having a healthy baby of their own.

Our egg donor and IVF program, directed by Dr. Kathleen Doody, begins with a thorough diagnostic and evaluation process that may use procedures such as semen analysis, pelvic ultrasound, and uterine assessment via hysterosalpingogram or hysteroscopy. These tests are designed to identify and potentially correct infertility factors in an effort to create an ideal in utero environment for the donated eggs.

Once all preparatory infertility evaluations are complete, the next step is for the recipient couple to choose an egg donor. At the Center for Assisted Reproduction, we pride ourselves on the diverse group of accomplished young women who have chosen to be affiliated with our egg donation program. Each of them receives a comprehensive psychological screening and a full battery of laboratory tests to ensure that they are in good emotional and physical health.

Since choosing which donated eggs to use is possibly the most important part of assisted reproduction, many couples wish to receive as much information as possible about their prospective egg donor. Preliminary information on each donor is available in the egg donation database. Once couples have narrowed down their selection to a few possible donors, our program coordinators can provide more detailed profiles and, when available, childhood photos of each donor. The Center for Assisted Reproduction does not share any adult photographs in the interest of donor anonymity. In addition, the center asks prospective donors to complete a personal questionnaire which gives the recipient insight into the donor's personality and lifestyle.

We know that the decision to undergo fertility therapy can be a very trying and emotional time. To help you and your partner understand the basics of fertility via donated eggs, we've compiled a broad range of information to answer your initial questions:

To learn more about how donated eggs can help you to begin or expand a family, contact a program coordinator at the Center for Assisted Reproduction to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced doctors.

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