Reasons to Become an Egg Donor at the Center for Assisted Reproduction

Infertile couples who choose to use an egg donor have often exhausted every other type of fertility treatment through years of conception attempts. They are seeking a biological bond with their baby that is stronger than the type of bond available through surrogate pregnancy or adoption. If you become an egg donor, you will give a woman the chance to carry a baby to term that shares her male partner's genetic material. You will be giving the gift of life.

The decision to become an egg donor should not be made without a great deal of contemplation. It is essential for you to be truthful, both to yourself and the fertility clinic, about why you wish to become an egg donor. If you do not anticipate the strong emotions that can result from egg donation, you may find yourself unhappy with your decision later.

The overwhelming majority of women who donate eggs do so to ease the struggle of couples who are infertile due to ovarian failure or cancer treatments. Many of these young women have a close friend or family member who has experienced infertility and wish to prevent another couple from going through the same emotionally draining experience.

When you become an egg donor, you will be financially compensated for your time and physical commitment to the in vitro fertilization process. The program directors at the Center for Assisted Reproduction realize that during the egg donation process, your priorities will need to revolve around doctor's appointments and medications for several weeks. Though your primary reason for undergoing egg donation should be to help those who cannot conceive on their own, you will find that your compensation is considerable and will allow you to achieve a goal of your own, such as going on vacation or paying off a credit card bill.

If you have wanted to become an egg donor, but would like to find out more about the requirements, contact a coordinator at the Center for Assisted Reproduction to request an information packet. The ongoing success of our egg donation program relies on the generosity of women like you.

If you would like to become an egg donor, contact the Center for Assisted Reproduction today.

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