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Infertile couples often live through years of heartache, undergoing one fertility treatment after another in an effort to experience the miracle of childbirth. The egg donation procedure can help these couples to realize their dream with the help of a generous IVF egg donor and the dedicated fertility team at the Center for Assisted Reproduction.

If you have been thinking about becoming involved in our IVF egg donor program, you probably have many questions about the egg donation procedure and whether you might be a good egg donation candidate. Dr. Kathleen Doody and the other doctors at our fertility center want prospective egg donors to understand the commitment required to complete the egg donation procedure, as well as the rewards of making such a significant contribution to another family. Read more about the reasons women like you have chosen to donate eggs.

The IVF egg donor program at the Center for Assisted Reproduction, directed by Dr. Kathleen Doody, begins with a comprehensive medical and psychological screening of each prospective donor. To be included in the egg donor database, you must be under the age of 32 with no prior history of infertility. You should be a healthy nonsmoker with no family history of genetic defects or congenital illnesses.

After a recipient couple has chosen you based on the information in your profile, you will be asked to complete screening for various infectious diseases and if applicable, any ethnically-related illnesses such as Cystic Fibrosis, Tay-Sachs or sickle cell disease. The egg donation procedure begins with a regimen of hormones that are administered to you daily at the Center over a period of 10 to 14 days. The process ends with the removal of several mature eggs from your ovaries at the Center for Assisted Reproduction. Read more about the process of donating under the egg donor program.

The decision to become an egg donor should not be made lightly. Because of the hormone therapy and frequent office visits required, you should make sure that your other commitments can be rescheduled in the event that you are selected as an IVF egg donor. Once a couple has selected your eggs for conception, your treatment will take at least two months depending on the synchronization schedule set for you and the recipient. Read more about the questions commonly asked by prospective egg donors.

To learn more about the requirements and rewards of becoming an IVF egg donor, contact the program coordinators at the Center for Assisted Reproduction. We can answer your questions and give you all the information you need to determine whether egg donation is the right choice for you.


To learn more about the egg donation procedure, contact the coordinators of the IVF egg donor program at the Center for Assisted Reproduction.

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